A Valentine to Radial Tires

Lights Out is the world’s biggest radial tire race, but on February 14 the bravest men were not on the track.

Instead they were in the stands, watching some drag racing on a night that most dedicate to love and romance.

Those who showed the ultimate in courage were rewarded with a night of fantastic performances – here’s our photo recap of one Thursday night at South Georgia Motorsport Park.

Taking a closer look during a warm up.
Prochargers are rapidly gaining in popularity as a power adder.
Big money grudge races, like this one between Stevie Jackson and Keith Haney, are common.
Lighting the nitrous fire.
Wheelstands aren't as common with the nitrous cars but Jamie Hancock had other ideas.
Some extra fire in the pipes.
Flying cars are all a part of the fun.
Not quite as glamorous but essential is the work in the pits.