Brute Force Boomer

John Force rode out a spectacular, and rare, start line explosion in his Peak Funny Car in Atlanta on Friday.

While these kinds of backfires are not unique, it was unexpected for Force to have such a problem so close to the start line.

Force escaped without any injury thanks to the impressive safety systems on board his car and would return later under the lights to lay down an impressive three second run.

Check out the photo sequence of the incident below. Photos by Luke Nieuwhof.

Everything seems fine at first for Force, who was qualifying opposite JR Todd.
Ka-boom! Plenty of nitro force unleashes an explosion under the body of the car.

The most spectacular shot of the sequence, as the fireball rolls out from underneath the car and the supercharger sits skewed.
Plenty of flame still coming out as Force grabs the brake.

The onboard safety systems automatically deploy the parachutes.
Force was able to come back later in the night for a spectacular run under the lights - this time for all the right reasons!